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I am onto you Once Upon a Time. Emma Swan is undoubtably the Swan Princess. I mean the name.. the wardrobe.. princess. Coincidence.. I think not. OUAT

Disneys attempt to slide in the swan princess ;-) sneaky sneaky <-- but its not owned by Disney.it was probably more Adam & Eddy

Outlaw Queen ouat connection with one of my favorite disney movies! The foxy version of the story possibly the best Robin Hood ever!

Totally ship them in real life

Totally ship them in real life

Once Upon A Time: Animated

Ginnifer Goodwin [as Snow White & Mary Margaret], Jennifer Morrison [as Emma], Lana Parrilla [as the Evil Queen & Regina], Josh Dallas [as David], Jared S. Gilmore [as Henry] & Robert Carlyle [as Rumplestiltskin & Mr. Gold] (Drawing by Daekazu

These actors are amazing, they played them so well!!!

Georgina Haig will play Queen Elsa, Elizabeth Lail will play Princess Anna, and Scott Michael Foster will play Kristoff in Once Upon a Time season four. SO excited!

Disney characters and their #OUAT counterparts

Season 3 Characters in Once Upon a Time - Peter Pan played by Robbie Kay, Tinker Bell played by Rose McIver, Robin Hood played by Sean Maguire & Ariel played by JoAnna Garcia Swisher.

So pretty! I wish I could take credit but I can't.

Once Upon A Time-Season Swan-Dark Swan-Rumplestilskin-Mr Gold-Robin Hood-Regina Mills-King Arthur-Queen Guinevere-Merida-Captain Hook-Killian Jones-David Nolan-Snow White-Mary Margaret Blanchard-Zelena

Emma Swan... cant forget that Captain Hook is is love with her

This makes the show sound amazing, when honestly, it's not much different than any other drama. XD This show is better than any other drama I've seen.