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I like this one but I just don't like it when they but names in it just put (Y/N) It works so much better people.

What's up with all the imagines having the name Darcy? That's such an awful name. Harry Styles fact He wants to name his first born daughter Darcy. Get it right people.


All these Zayn/Little Mix things are cracking me up! But I wonder where people got this FaceTime pic though. would zayn scare harry that bad though?

#harryimagine yes babe. I hid it. Clearly for good reason. ;)

'no babe!' I say as I walk I to the room with his oversized shirt on. he walks over to me. 'aw you're the cutest.' I blush. He says 'you look so good in my clothes.' He then plants a soft, warm kiss on your lips.