How many marbles or rocks can you pick up? i can use jewelry beads so same size since i dont have marbles

MARBLE TOES - This is a great racing game. Fill up containers with water and marbles and have kids sit next to them and see how many marbles they can pick up with just their toes in 1 minute.

Kids loved this for vbs and I put a gold fish in a cup inside the bucket at the end of the line. Which team released their goldfish from the cup into the bucket won!

Beach Games for Kids & Adults

pass-the-water-summer-game fun summer game with kids!

Birthday party games-Everyone begins by painting anything and when the timer goes off, each person moves to the next canvas and adds on to the previous painting until everyone has gone to each canvas.

Fun activity for an art theme birthday party: mini canvas/painting activity, too cute!

Duck, Duck, Splash Summer Children's Game - seven thirty three

Duck, Duck, Splash Summer Children's Game

Dibs on this game for the family get-together! Try this fun take on the classic Duck, Duck, Goose Children's Game! All you need is a cup, some water and some kids ready to get soaked!

Outdoor party game tug of war

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