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DESIGN FOR PLAY [QUEST] Build streams and splash pools for rain play. Temporary water courses allow children to track the path of rain and discover where water goes after a rain storm [Springzaad, The Netherlands].

Landscape Play, would be great to have around a sand area, gradients considered this would be fab!

Just be! Early Childhood Education: inspirations for life.

This is a very child constructed play area which is amazing. Great idea and looks like it has enough materials for multiple children!

Playground Build & Design | Natural Child Play | Earth Wrights Ltd

I like that this playground has a natural feel, i also like that it has plenty of balancing, and climbing opportunities

Candy Corn Preschool Activities and Printables

Math lesson objective: Given candy corn students will be able to place the correct number of candy corns on the lines. program goals:to think critically and develop problem solving skills