Oana Raluca Cuesdeanu

Oana Raluca Cuesdeanu

Targu Mures / Psihoterapeut si Trainer certificat international in Psihoterapie Pozitiva Psiholog Clinician Specialist
Oana Raluca Cuesdeanu
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Sigmund Freud Id - Ego - Superego Pre- Conscious - Unconscious

Towards the end when Meursault is in the courtroom he hears his conscious for the first time talking to him

Superego, ego, id

Superego, ego, id - tripartite Freud theory

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Neurotransmitter Venn diagram Serotonin gets a lot of attention, but dopamine is where it’s at.

Neurotransmitters and their effects on emotion . there remain elements of brain chemistry that we don't yet understand. In part as there are undoubtedly hormones yet to be identified.