Создаем нежные гипсовые кулоны с оттисками цветов -- not sure what the text says or what the materials are, but this shows a clever idea for sculpting one's own mold for making these pendants, would work for stamps or other things as well

Yarn Doll some basic instructions here

Simple Natural Living, At Home Creating, Forever Believing: How To Make Yarn Dolls *

A button instead of pendant for present :)

A button instead of a pendant charm makes an easy peasy crafty sweet necklace or keychain present

Martisoare lucrate manual: flori colorate - http://martisorul.wordpress.com

Képtalálat a következőre: „martisoare din fetru tutorial”

Baba Marta YARN DOLL | krokotak

Baba Marta YARN DOLL | krokotak

Martisoare quilling by Circul Magic

Snowdrop---Part 1 of directions on post---Circul Magic Shop: Astazi dam din casa: Tutorial martisor quilling: ghiocelul care nu se ofileste