Pasta de Dinti cu Sunca

The toothpaste that makes your breath bacon fresh Bacon Toothpaste solves a problem we all face. Brushing your teeth with a strip of fried bacon is tricky.

Orgasme la Conserva

Orgasme la Conserva

Cutiuta Magica pentru Buruieni

Weed Pocket Box and more Weird Gifts at Perpetual Kid. The construction of our Weed Pocket Box is an exact replica of a cigarette case!

Spray de Gura „Intelege-o pe mama”

Understand Your Mother Breath Spray: Finally, a discreet mouth spray that gives you insight to one of life's greatest enigmas - your mother.

Lumanare Parfumata cu Miros de Marijuana

Hemp Candle - Celebrate a truly amazing weed. Mary Janes’s cousin. The smell is similar, without the high. So re-live the rock concerts of yesteryear. Legal in all 50 states (Grateful Dead music not included).

Pansament „Doamne-ajuta!”

Trending Gifts and Jesus Bandages at Perpetual Kid. Treat your minor cuts, scrapes and scratches with the incredible healing power of Jesus bandages.

Ceas Grinder

Ceas Grinder

Sosete de Wonder Woman

Sosete de Wonder Woman

Spray de Camera „No Shit, Sherlock”

These Lavatory Mists smell incredible and they make fantastic, hilarious gifts for friends and coworkers. Each bottle lasts for at least 500 applications!

Prezervativ „Netfl!x & Chill?”

Cum prepared by planning a <del>romantic date</del> sex filled evening with <del>your significant other</del> a stranger you met 10 minutes ago on Tinder like any self respecting millennial would by bringing along these Netflix And Chill condoms!

Set Suport Farfurie 40 x Cina cea de Taina

Last Supper Placemats Make your meal memorable and tidy. Put down one of these Last Supper Paper Placemats the next time you're having friends over for loaves a

Guma „Sugi P@#a!”

Kari LikeLikes: Would you like some gum? It's mint flavored!

Cutie de Tabla „Random Crap” (de buzunar)

Random Crap Pocket Box and more Quirky Gift Ideas at Perpetual Kid. The construction of our Random Crap Pocket Box is an exact replica of a cigarette case

Sapunul „Weener Kleener”

Over the Hill Prank Gag Joke Gift Weener Kleener Bar Soap

Servetele Umede „M-am udat!”

Servetele Umede „M-am udat!