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small business ideas for the holidays and christmas season are easy to make and sell with this free printable
Side Hustle: Make Wood Crafts to Sell
Stumped on a home business idea? What if you could turn crafts into money? Start your own Small Business with a Scorch Marker! There are a ton of easy, quick, and fun wood projects you can do and sell! Create custom signs, wood projects, and more to sell at your local Farmer's Market or Craft Fair in your area! #crafts
"...This is like a Dremel but pen sized🔥, the precision work I'm doing now is next level" - Luara
three pieces of wood with black heart and deer heads on them, sitting next to each other
Wood Slice Magnets - Suburble
Wooden Magnets with Woodland Silhouettes. Something like this could be nice geoswag. If you have some limbs and a chop saw making the wood slices wouldn't be hard, and you can get craft magnets at the Dollar Store.
a wreath with the words home sweet home on it
Burlap Wreath Burlap Wreath for Front Door Burlap Door - Etsy
A personal favorite from my Etsy shop
a wreath made out of wood slices with the word welcome on it and white flowers
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