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a poem written in spanish with fruits and vegetables next to an image of a basket
a book with an image of fruits and vegetables on it's cover, in spanish
Probleme in versuri pentru adunarea și scăderea numerelor de la 0 la 20
the table is set with silverware and utensils
ARANJAREA MESEI (poezie de grădiniță)
a poster with two people standing next to each other
112 (poezie) de Amalia Zaharia
the words are written in different languages and there is a boat on the water behind them
a sign with an image of a carrot holding a sign that says marroovel eats
an image of a tree with leaves and flowers on it's branches, in spanish
a pink pig sitting on top of a table next to a hot dog
Frământări de limbă
the back cover of a book with spanish writing on it and pictures of different things
Poezie PROGNOZA METEO (Fenomenele naturii)
the worksheet for writing numbers with autumn leaves and brooms on white paper
Free Fall Printables For Your Preschooler Or Kindergartener
a frame made up of leaves with the words autumn written in spanish and english on it
Poezii pentru copii: versuri frumoase și haioase dedicate juniorilor!
a poster with an image of a scare and pumpkins