Romanian Architecture

Vatra Dornei, Parohia Ortodoxa Sfanta Treime / orthodox church in spa Vatra Dornei

Apuseni Mountains, Romania

Apuseni Mountains, Romania // Skydancer Book II: Veil of Thorns // Bri ventures through an enchanted forest to fight an evil sorceress who holds the key to breaking Kean from his cursed imprisonment.

Vlad Tepes‘s castle - Romania

Where Vlad the Impaler (inspiration for Bram Stoker's fictional character Dracula) spent most of his days. It's in a more remote part of Romania and you have to climb 1480 steps to get to the entrance. A place want to see

“Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave,” sculptor, Constantin Brancusi.

Constantin Brancusi, Artist and Sculptor. Self-portrait of Constantin Brancusi, taken in the studio in