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Some People Are Just Too Dumb

☼☻s⃝m⃝i⃝l⃝e⃝ b⃝e⃝ h⃝a⃝p⃝p⃝y⃝☻☼--- Oh, we are ALL just too dumb, sometimes.

Minus the alcohol problem, or maybe the problem is that I don't have an alcohol problem idk lol

Every damn day, and they think they aren't the problem! シ

Haha drivers there all morons. I look nutts to others bc i flip out verbally bc my horn dosnt work bahahaha

I don't drink alcohol. I drink distilled spirits. Therefore, I'm not an alcoholic;

Funny Wine Quotes - Bing Images


my sister-in-law did get me some pretty yummy wine for christmas, so.

Assassins creed

the_assassins_have_failed_by_tsmarc.jpg Photo: This Photo was uploaded by angicx. Find other the_assassins_have_failed_by_tsmarc.jpg pictures and photos.

Run or marry her

Seriously, who dresses like that, other than to pose for a "cute country girl" photo? if I saw a Buckle girl holding a gun, I'd f*g run.

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