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Andreea Dumitriu
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Quote by tim keller // type by Susanna April

To be LOVED but not KNOWN is comforting and fun but superficial and short - beautiful quote. lived Quote by tim keller // type by Susanna April

Kerstin Tomancok / Farb-, Typ-, Stil & Imageberatung

The yellow light does me a favor by making me feel happy, I wish to make it that easy for everyone else that I love. Let the yellow light shine!

Soulfully... Abundantly... Wildly... Zestfully... Joyfully...

modification of jack fruit in art form. Looks throny outside,gentle mix of flower and threads inside,and the real sweetness is the life we live!

☮ American Hippie ☮ Good Vibes

Love the sunshine and what better way to be happy then to keep it in your soul! The joy of the Lord is my strength! And He inhabits the praises of His people! Therefore I have sunshine and joy in my soul, today! :D

Need to remember this when feeling down! GUILLERMO ÁLVAREZ

a smile is the most beautiful thing, it is happiness shining - smile often - be kind - laugh and live