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a large statue with some lights on it's face
Shiva, the Adiyogi, the First Yogi
several people are standing on rocks near the water and some buildings in the back ground
Orchha, India. The Bundela Palace, full of beautiful frescoes and remnants of shrines. Highly enchanting and off the beaten track.
monks in red robes are playing with a frisbee while another man looks on
All Asian Flavours
three cows are sitting on the steps in front of an old building and one is standing
two women in colorful clothing standing on the street
a herd of cattle walking across a body of water next to a person on a boat
Most Beautiful Cities You Should Visit In India
a woman feeding a cow with a wooden spoon
The Science Of Awakening - Lotus Seed
croatia – Steve McCurry Curated
croatia – Steve McCurry Curated
two women are standing in the sand and one woman is pouring water from a well
In Appreciation of Humble Beauty — BuDhaBlog
a man with a monkey on his shoulder kissing him in the face, while people look on
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