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Pin for Later: The 19 Hottest Harry Potter Wizards, Ranked Tom Riddle / Christian Coulson We kind of feel guilty admitting that young Voldemort was FINE.

I totally understand Belatirx. Christan Coulson alias Lord Voldemort - and there's nothing to add.

Tom Riddle - to Marika by *Athena-chan on deviantART

Tom Riddle - to Marika by *Athena-chan on deviantART 😻 what? Voldemort was HOT when he was young!

Tom Riddle commissioned by @drsallysparrow “His eyes were as blue as the sky in the height of summer, a starburst blue as though a cornflower had opened its petals around each freckle. ”

Tom Riddle commissioned by Well, this is much more close to the book character. Tom Riddle was very beautiful and this picture shows it almost exactly.

Im so ticked that this got cut out, i wish it was in the books

Why did they cut this out? And, when Draco rips out the page from the book, he must have slipped it to Hermione later on because she would never destroy a book like that.

My name is Tom Riddle by gabrielleragusi on DeviantArt

Today is the birthday of one of the brightest students of Hogwarts and most evil wizard of all time: Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort.

Frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn

Forever Loved - She started as an experiment, blossomed into something real and became his other half. With her, he wasn't the Dark Lord. He was Tom Riddle. RatedM - Romance&Drama - Tom Riddle&OC - - by Lost With Riddle