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How to Write in Deep POV + get inside the mind of your character | How to Write a Story Guide |

Want to make your readers feel as if they are your main character? Try writing your novel in Deep POV! The Deep POV technique allows you to get inside.

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Good quotes :: motivation :: Life is too short to start your day with broken pieces of yesterday. It will definitely destroy your wonderful today and ruin your great tomorrow.

I needed this. Sometimes even the smallest acts, are indeed acts of bravery and kindness. Be mindful. You never really know the internal magnitude of another person's actions or there meaning to them.

No one is sent by accident to anyone. - A Course in Miracles

Bullshit - fuck that "there's a reason for everything" if not by accident, than what, I was meant to feel completely broken and alone. If that be the case, I'd prefer the accident