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Batu, Wicca, His Hands, Hands, Secret, Witch, Krystal, Pointing Hand, Kropp
a jar filled with lots of different types of items
a jar filled with lots of different types of rocks
Healing Spell Jars Recipes, Healing Spells, Rituals, Love Spell Caster, Herbal Magic
Anti anxiety spell jar
A book page titled “Types of Witches” with the labels, Kitchen Witches, Green Witches, Sea Witches, Divination Witches, Lunar Witches, Cosmic Witches, Eclectic Witches, and Death Witches and the tools each of them use such as baking for kitchen witches, plants and herbs for green witches, sea or lake water and shells for sea witches, tarot or other forms of divination for divining witches, moon phases for lunar witches, astrology and horoscopes for cosmic witches, and mediumship in death witches Witchy, Black Magic Spells, Eclectic Witch, Witchcraft Books, Posts
Types of Witches
Witchy tip: collect rain water
Room Spray, Healing, Cleansing Spray, Smudging
Witch Aesthetic
an illustration showing the parts of a protective aura spray
Protective Aura Spray | Recipe