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The German Shepherd

Child and German Shepard in bed asleep during bedtime story reading !They are the Best dogs I had a german sheepard border collie mixed dog and when I was younger I would read to her every night till she fell asleep!

This is how her hair should've been throughout all the movies

This is how Hermione's hair looked all the time in the books. -- I hated that they prettified her hair in the movie.---- I love her hair here

Beautiful Hermione ♥

"Oh, to be young and feel love's keen sting. can we take a moment to appreciate her hair in this photo. like seriously? who has hair that perfect!<--its not supposed to be perfect, its supposed to be crazy and frizzy - Visita nuestra web y descubre Las Mejores Imágenes de Gatos de la Red!!

Kittens are cute and adorable. Cute cuddling kitten pictures are the most beautiful cat pictures in the world. Here are the top 24 very cute cuddling kitten pictures that will […]