The Rolling Stones. Dinner time.   photo found on

The Rolling Stones having dinner, 1964

Cary Grant and Kim Novak - Cannes Film Festival - 1959

Cannes: a history of glamour

Vintage Cannes Film Festival Pictures: 16 Vintage Pictures That Made Cannes Cool

Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn and Katharine Houghton in "Guess who's coming to dinner", directed by Stanley Kramer and released on December 12, 1967.

A scene from the the 1967 film "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" with Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier and Katherine Houghton (Hepburn's real-life niece)

Mad Men dinner '60 style.  photo found on

This 'Mad Men' dinner party is probably not as fun as it looks.