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a table with food and drinks on it in front of a window that reads earth tones
Top 5 Home Decor Trends For 2024
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a living room with two couches and a coffee table in front of a large window
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Home Decor Trends 2024 - Interior Design Trends
Sculptural Lighting: Lighting is seen as a decorative element, with statement pieces that combine functionality with artistic design taking center stage. Rich, Dark Colors: Moving away from neutral and minimalistic schemes, deep greens, blues, and even black are being used to add depth and sophistication to interiors. Textured Surfaces: Texture is being used to add depth and interest to spaces, think of stone, brick, and woven fabrics providing tactile and visual diversity. Curves & Organic Shapes: Rounded edges, flowing forms, and nature-inspired shapes are becoming more prevalent, adding a sense of fluidity to interiors. Mix & Match Materials: combining different materials within a space, such as metal with wood or different fabric textures, to create dynamic and eclectic interiors.
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Home Decor Lighting Inspiration
Home decor lighting tips and tricks: Don’t rely solely on overhead lights – aim for 2-3 light sources in every room. Mix chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, and table lamps for a well-lit and cozy atmosphere. Vary their placement on different levels for optimal effect! Here are lighting tips for specific rooms: Living room— combo of chandelier, floor, and table lamps. Bedroom— opt for sconces or table lamps. Bathroom— overhead light plus mirror lighting. Kitchen—bright overhead lighting with pendants and under/in-cabinet lights. And yes, light bulbs matter! Go for LED bulbs with a ‘soft white’ tone (around 2700 kelvins) for a warm, inviting feel! 🕯️🤍 And if this’s all too overwhelming, our Noel Home Design team is here to help!