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Levi's reaction if Hanji was kidnapped. "She'd annoy you until you brought her…

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Need some help, Levi? by MomoNiu on DeviantArt ----------------------------------------------------------------- I was acting exactly like Hanji when i first read this. This awesome person who made this made one of the cutest Fem!JeanMarco pictures I have ever seen :3 Praise to this amazing human being!

Need some help, Levi? by MomoNiu on DeviantArt ---------------------------------------------------------------- Attack on Titan

spn jeanmarco crossover by Sydsir on deviantART

Original pinner said: Hehehehehe I love this. Marco/Castiel x Jean/Dean ^^ yissssss Destiel and JeanMarco forever!

Attack on Titan. Jean and Marco. This literally breaks my heart.

Jean and Marco Jean Kirstein / Kirschtein Marco Bott / Bodt Attack on Titan / AoT / Shingeki no Kyojin / SnK Manga / Anime fanart this is so sad TToTT