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the silhouettes of various people are shown in red and black, as well as white background
Stolas comic book concept
Stolas comic book concept by Douglas Duarte, via Behance
some different types of cartoon characters in black and white
I WILL TAKE THIS COURSE - Fundamentals of Character Design, Character Design Master Classes - CGMA
OVO DIARY Ryota Murayama Ryota Murayama, 판타지 아트, Fantasy Inspiration, Character Design References, Character Creation
OVO DIARY Ryota Murayama
two different pictures of the same character in an animated game, one with a rabbit on it
Artes de Tim Lamb para a DreamWorks
an image of a woman with a snake on her head and two snakes in the background
The Concept Art Of XCOM 2
The Concept Art Of XCOM 2 More
a character from the video game world of warcraft
DK 온라인 기타작업.
a drawing of a creature with long legs and claws, standing in front of a gray background
BASH Sci Fi Datafile for Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth - Saaren Bio-Assassin — d-Infinity
BASH Sci Fi Datafile for Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth - Saaren Bio-Assassin | d-infinity
two different pictures of an animal with their mouths open
Criaturas de John Carter, por Michael Kutshe
an image of a creature that is in the air
Lizard Brute by 艾龙 (Ai Long)
some cartoon character poses for different stages of life, including the dog and other animals
Crobus, Alexis Rives
Here's now the Crobus, the enemies of the game. Basically, they are harmless creatures, but some scientists turned them into horrible war machines. But they lost control on them. One of their particularities is than they capable of eating one of their dead fellows to become more powerful.
some type of creature that looks like an orca whale and is black and white
zSketches by DOPEPOPE
zSketches by DOPEPOPE - Page 23