Wow. Even if I showed him this he wouldn't even be phased.he is only phased by the way the vast public sees him. Fueled by his image.

he convinced her to jump promising that he'd catch her, but as soon as she started to fall he was already turning around -S.//he was never there even one time in 25 years.

a rainy day in nyc when dashiell finally convinces reyna to trust him with her heart.

I got that:3

I've been told too many times in not good enough, BUT. I am good enough for me and that's all that matters. I AM GOOD ENOUGH☺️

The only problem is you did hold my hand so tight you made me feel safe...but then you let me go anyway.

It's the cruelest thing to do to someone who loves with all their heart! What hurts most, is that you loved your ex more, you held her hand, but never mine! I wasn't enough to hold, to promise forever to.