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a woman is sitting in front of the ocean with birds flying above her and she has her eyes closed
an image of jesus holding a book with the words, doaner tisuse histoose, ful lui numeezu umneza - ne, jum e
two pictures of jesus and mary with the words in english, arabic, and spanish
a young boy sitting on top of a pile of books with the caption in spanish
the words are written in black and white on a green background, with flowers around it
an image of a sign with the names of different people in spanish and english on it
three little angels reading a book together with the caption's in spanish below
the words are written in white on a green background
Finantare europeana pentru orfanii si minorii cu handicap din judetul Iasi
Ce acatist sa citesti pentru ca Dumnezeu sa-ti ierte toate pacatele