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Lower cortisol, lose weight & puffiness - Hormon health 🌸
Lower cortisol, lose weight & puffiness credit: isabella.mainwaring tiktok
Did you know that stress is the root of many chronic illnesses? Here are some ways to help regulate your nervous system:
Chill out with these remedies 💆‍♀️
Did you know that stress is the root of many chronic illnesses? Here are some ways to help regulate your nervous system:
Revive Your Spirit Somatic Practices for Functional Freeze or Shut Down | Somatic Healing #somatics
Unlock the power of somatic practices to break free from functional freeze or shut down modes. Explore transformative techniques to reawaken your body and spirit, promoting resilience and well-being. Embrace a journey of self-discovery with these empowering somatic practices. Reconnect, rejuvenate, and thrive! #SomaticPractices #FunctionalFreeze #MindBodyHealing
Dissociation is one way the mind copes with too much stress
Somatic Lymphatic Drainage Routine #somaticreleaseworkout #somaticworkoutforstress
Somatic Lymphatic Drainage Routine #somaticreleaseworkout #somaticworkoutforstress #somatichealing #somaticworkout
A somatic practice for grounding.
Self-Havening - Self Regulation Tool
How To Let Go of Emotional Build Up | Somatic Workout
If you're someone who is into fitness (or want to become one) go to my link and find fitness equipment that will help you become fit and skinny in weeks! P.S. You can use it for the gym or at home! Credit:
Breathing Exercise to Release Anger
Head over to my YouTube channel for a 5 minute Breathwork to Release Anger 🙏🏽 Anger, if suppressed or unprocessed, can become trapped within the body, leading to tension, stress and even illness. Breathwork creates a pathway for anger and other stagnant emotions to surface and be released. Practice from anywhere and be done in 5! See you there 🌿
A Neck Hump Is a Visible Sign of Unaddressed Stress / Emotional Trauma, but It’s 100% Fixable
A neck hump is a sign of unaddressed stress, but it's fixable. Long-term stress causes muscle tension and physical imbalances. Neck humps are associated with hormonal imbalances. It's important to release tension and trauma to fix it. Somatic exercises can help fix your neck hump in 60 days. It will make you feel lighter physically and emotionally, with better posture. Don't be ashamed, heal your nervous system. Link in profile. #somatichealing #traumarecovery #posture #bodyhealing #textneck #
Try This Somatic Exercise to relax and release trauma from hips #somaticexercises #hipopener
Try This Somatic Exercise to relax and release trauma from hips #somaticexercises #hipopener #somaticexercisesforhips #somaticworkout #somatictherapyforrelaxation
Unlocking Emotional Freedom: Try these 3 stretches to release tight hips and stored emotions💕
Discover 3 empowering stretches tailored to release tight hips and gently unwind stored emotions. This video is crafted especially for those on their path to healing from past trauma. #somatichealing #TraumaHealing #SelfCareJourney
Movement to Release Pelvic Floor Tension
You don’t have to live with these symptoms! ➡️ Pelvic floor tension is actually really common given the increased external stressors and demands of today’s world causing increased anxiety, stress and therefore clenching of our glutes and pelvic floor. Not to mention the increased stress from pregnancy or labor/delivery! 🤰 If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you’d benefit from incorporating pelvic floor release work on a weekly basis!
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Somatic Workout Plan
Here is a somatic workout plan that you can do at home. Somatic exercises focus on improving the mind-body connection, relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Remember to listen to your body and move slowly, paying attention to the sensations. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting a new workout routine, especially if you have any existing health conditions or concerns.