Nitu Corina Daniela

Nitu Corina Daniela

Nitu Corina Daniela
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((Open rp, be either, messages)) I turn my face away from him when he leans in to kiss me, putting my hand on his facing, turning it aside also

loft bed

With a very small space to design, a custom loft bed that allows for a fun sleeping space as well as a cozy study and play area. The furniture and decorative items are from around the home while its still a unique way to organize stuff in a small space.

Haruhi and Tamaki, Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki and Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club) Love the drawing but NO. HARUHI IS KYOUYA'S. Tamaki doesn't take things seriously and Haruhi is incredibly intelligent.she would go perfect with Kyouya.

Taiyou No Ie

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