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“I am so afraid to lose you.” “As well as I.” “Let me fight with you.” “But Mary—” “I am a Queen. The people won't move if their leader just sits on her throne all day watching Charon’s boat full of the souls whom just died and I didn't know of.

Reign season 2

Reign -- "The Lamb and the Slaughter" -- Image Number: -- Pictured: Toby Regbo as King Francis II -- Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

a child for them at last

I spend way too much time watching tv shows, reading books and obsessing over fictional characters. this is dedicated to Francis and Mary, the beautiful royal couple from Reign.

Francis & Mary #Reign #Frary

Lohen and Aureneth, after finding out the news that Lord Gwan planned to announce his intention to marry Aureneth

The kiss came out of no where, Mattie always imagined there would be a build up to it but no he kissed right out of the blue. It was deep and passionate and it was completely wrong. It wasn't Kelby. It was suppose to be Kelby's lips, Kelby's touch. This was all wrong. Mattie couldn't help but cry.

The first kiss wasn't just a spark. It was an eruption of fire. A slow burning match finally dropped into the brush of time spent waiting for each other.