Geschenke / Geburtstag

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a bottle of wine sitting on top of a wooden crate filled with grapes and cinnamon sticks
Coole DIY-Verpackungsideen - Everything Is Here
a wine bottle and two glasses sitting on a table with greenery around the edges
Beste Geschenkideen - Everything Is Here
a display with potted plants and lights on the wall behind it is a small shrine
a bottle of wine in a gift box with pink ribbon around the neck and bow at the top
20. Geburtstag Geschenk Idee
an open box filled with liquor bottles and flowers
Schnelles und einfaches Geschenk💗
an arrangement of liquor bottles and herbs in a bowl on a table with a sign
three chocolates are sitting on a plate with candles in the background and two small trees made out of candy
Tischkärtchen für das Fest
two wrapped presents sitting next to each other
Geschenke #2
a wine cork key holder with several keys hanging from it and a potted plant next to it
Les p'tits bouchons de momo (FB)
DIY Milchtüten Upcycling Silvester-Geschenke im Skandi-Style