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Let's enjoy in our beautiful nature. Put the nature photos that you love. Let's share the beauty of it together :) If you want me to add you to board just send me message on Facebook :) P.s Do not pin photos which doesn't show nature or you will be deleted from the board. Thank you :)
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This image from Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope shows a stellar nursery containing thousand of young stars & developing protostars near the sword of the constellation Orion. I heart the Spitzer space telescope.

Rays of Light in the mountains. the beauty of GODs Creation, it seems to me like a message from Jesus Christ: I am the light!

Big cats like boxes too - Imgur

Big cats like boxes too

"All cats like boxes - if they can fit into them - they will sit in them" Big cats are just cats - they also love boxes! I love the lion's box is completely crushed.

proust73:    Grey Ghost (Greater Kudu) By Etienne Oosthuizen

Grey Ghost - Photo and Comment By Etienne Oosthuizen. Often called Africa’s grey ghost, the Greater Kudu is remarkable in its abilities to disappear, they are able to filter back into the surround bush and thickets, as silently as they appeared.