Bucharest. Beautiful capital city of a beautiful country. My partners home city too :)  R McN

Bucharest street cafe scene [960x540]

ROMANIA: Lovely European cafe scene in Bucharest, one of the last major European cities that hasn’t been pasteurized by gentrification or lost its soul to mass tourism.


The Dutch-owned Grand Cafe Van Gogh (Str. Smardan ) is my favorite for great coffee, good light food and terrific peo.

5 Amazing Restaurants in Bucharest- Traveling, we've eaten a lot of really delicious menu items and had an equal share of truly terrible restaurant fare. Some cities were better than others for offering a selection of great places to eat, Bucharest, Romania was one of those delightful destinations!

5 Amazing Restaurants in Bucharest

Palatul Kretzulescu (Rumanía, 1902). Petre Antonescu (Rumanía, 1873-1965). // Perfectamente adaptado a la naturaleza en la que se integra, fue construido en estilo romántico con elementos decorativos del Renacimiento francés.

Palatul Kretzulescu (Romania, by Petre Antonescu Blending perfectly into the natural landscape it was part of, the Kretzulescu Palace was built in the Romantic style, with French Renaissance embellishments.

*Doors of Bucharest*  Ministry of Agriculture, Bucharest, Romania

*Doors of Bucharest* Ministry of Agriculture, Bucharest, Romania