Ileana/ Austria[Romania]

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Born: January 1909 Died: 1991 1)..m.1931-Div 1954 ANTON/Archduke Austria (1901-1987) CHILDREN [6ch] 1..STEFAN(1932-1998)...m. MORG.1954 Jerrine Super (1931-2015) 5ch... -Christopher (1957); -Ileana (1958); -Peter (1959); -Constanza (1960); -Anton (1964); •••• 2..MARIA ILEANA (1933-1959)-Killed in Airplane Crash m. Ct.Jaroslaw Kottulinsky/Baron von Kottulin 1ch... -Maria Ileana (1958-2007); ••• 3..ALEXANDRA (b.1935) (No Issue) m.1962-Div. 1972 Eugen Eberhard/Wurttemberg(b.1930); m.1973..Victor/Baron von Baillou (b.1931); 4..DOMINIC (b.1937) 2ch... -Sandor (1965); -Gregor (1968); 5..MARIA MAGDALENA (b.1939) m.1959..Hans Ulrich/Baron von Holzhausen 3ch... -Johan Friedrich (1960); -Georg Ferdinand (1962); -Alexandra (1963); 6..ELIZABETH (b.1942) m.1964 Dr. Friedrich Josef Sandhofer (b.1934) 4ch... -Anton Dominic (1966); -Margareta (1968); -Andrea Alexandra (1969); -Elisabeth (1971); _________________ (#2).m.1954-Div.1965...Dr.Stefan Issarescu;
Queen Marie and Princess Ileana of Romania.

thefirstwaltz: “Queen Marie of Romania and youngest daughter, Princess Ileana of Romania.

January 23, 1991—Princess Ileana of Romania known as Mother Alexandra after becoming a nun. She founded the Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration, a community of nuns of the Orthodox Church in America. She was an aunt of former King Michael of Romania and a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain.

Princess Ileana of Romania became Mother Alexandra, abbess of the Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration in Ellwood, USA. Great granddaughter of England's Queen Victoria and Russia's Tsar Alexander II

Princess Ileana of Romania Gallery / Princess Ileana Guarded at Massachusetts Home

Princess Ileana of Romania Gallery / Princess Ileana Guarded at Massachusetts Home

Crown Princess Margarita of Romania with her father's cousins Archduchesses Elisabeth & Maria Magdalena of Austria

Archduchesses Maria Magdalena and Elisabeth chatting with cousin Crown Princess Margarita of Romania. The Archduchesses are the and children of Princess Ileana.

Princess Ileana and Prince Mircea of Romania

Pss Ileana of Romania and little brother, Prince Mircea. Both were kids of Barbu Stirbey, Queen Marie´s lover and friend. Mircea died in 1916 at age of

Ileana of Romania by VelkokneznaMaria

Ileana of Romania,Archduchess of Austria, Princess of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia. Ileana was the daughter of Queen Marie of Rumania.

Ileana/ Romania with her cousin Tsarevitch Alexei

Tsarevich Alexei of Russia and Princess Ileana of Romania. He a Holy Royal Martyr, She carried Elisabeth's monastic order, Sts. Mary & Martha, to the new world, served as its Mother Superior and will very probably recognized as a saint herself.

Queen Marie of Romania and her youngest daughter Princess Ileana