Undertale / Glichtale

Undertale / Glichtale

I love Undertale/Glictale and FNaF =) --_--
Undertale / Glichtale
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You're Genocide Run. You don't care, they're just creepy monster-thing. Why SHOULD you care? You'd be good friends with Chara...

gg Frisk and Chara - Undertale

Gaster!Sans and Frisk! One of my first artworks of Undertale ©Undertale ©Toby Fox

Just a boring girl that loves undertale FAQ -Hi? -Can I voice act your comics? Remember to give credits -Would you like to see the results? Nope -Can I s.

DETERMINATION by AmyPinkerson on DeviantArt

This this picture represents the gamer side of me since this character is from a video game called undertale and you have already seen that I love Pokémon as well.

Undertale the eight humans and their SOULs with all their weapon/ defense item combos

The 8 human souls of Undertale ❤️Determination❤️ 💛Justice💛 💚Kindness💚 💙Integrity💙 💜Perseverance💜 ❤️💛Bravery💛❤️ 💙💖Patience💖💙