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Boho summer feeling. Via Love Love.

Magnificent Photography by Russian photographer Svetlana Belyaeva. Svetlana’s fashion or beauty photography is absolutely gorgeous. He is expert in capturing motion figures with great style and high quality.

Untitled by Светлана  Беляева on 500px

Turn your face towards the sun, let the shadows fall behind you. Don't look back, just carry on, and the shadows will never find you.

A new take on sirens of old. If you loved twilight you will like my series. If you hated twilight you will still like my series for different reasons.

"I plunge in, immersed in the deep blue abyss of my being, suspended in a dream, a liminal limbo between knowing myself and losing myself completely." ~Melpomene Selemidis 'Sirens Of Santorini '

heaven-fire and damnation

" The naked boy did not hesitate an instant. He sprang from tiptoe and his body, shining in the flames, came flying at full speed into the fire." ― Yukio Mishima, The Sound of Waves // Flame Angel by anderton