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speechless, right? yeah, me too. trust me, we all are.
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a cardboard box filled with lots of books
Macro Literature
the sun is setting over a marina full of boats
a receipt with the words for you i was a character for me, you were the book
clothes hanging out to dry in the sun on a balcony over looking the water and boats
a woman is reading a book while sitting on the deck of a boat in the water
Reading in summer
an alley way with many buildings on both sides and a steep hill in the background
Ines B. (@moraimauy) on X
people are walking on the beach under a thatched roof with lights strung from it
linfo dms affer
a painting of a garden with fountains and trees
Dark Academia in Russia
Feminine, Halle, Elegant, Classy, Styl
cherry heaven (@CHERRYH3AVEN) on X
an old building with columns on the side and water in the backgrouds
THE BOY : My love To You Guys