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an image of a very tall tower in the middle of some snowy land with trees
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Brooks Salzwedel
an image of trees in the fog on a snowy mountain side with clouds and snow
brooks salzwedel, layers of resin and graphite
a black and white photo of trees with a lift in the sky above them on a cloudy day
brooksshanesalzwedel Fall : Art
"Grand Cloister"    Brooks Salzwedel Tatoo Tree, Encaustic Art, Tree Art, Belle Photo, Oeuvre D'art, Watercolor Art, Art Projects
"Grand Cloister" by Brooks Salzwedel
"Grand Cloister" Brooks Salzwedel
black and white photograph of trees in fog
at lands end
Different layers of a picture printed on velium and then stacked and framed
an abstract photograph of trees in the fog
Brooks Salzwedel “By Fault of Its Own” (NOTCOT)
Brooks Salzwedel. Created using Staedler graphite pencils and resin
an abstract painting of trees and power lines
Brooks Shane Salzwedel -Brooks Salzwedel’s drawings are hand drawn graphite on Duralar cast in layers of resin. Colour in the pieces are made by layers of transparent tape.
a painting of mountains and trees in the snow with pink sky behind them, as well as clouds
Brooks Salzwedel
Unique Drawings by Brooks Salzwedel Artists, Scenery
Incredible and Unique Drawings by Brooks Salzwedel - Artists Inspire Artists
Unique Drawings by Brooks Salzwedel