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This could be described as me; I love taking walks through the forests, finding a nice spot to sit down and just listen to the nature around me. It's so beautiful and peaceful.


Isolophilia (n): Strong affection for solitude, being alone preferable, social introvert, "I have seen Susan around town in while. Maybe her boyfriend's isolophilia has something to do with it.

Everywhere with imaginary lovers

solivagant - (adj. wandering alone) a beautiful act of selflove / Inspirational quotes self love self care hope spirit spiritual meditate Buddhism Buddhist yoga heal healing happy happiness

Sunny tree too

Sunroom or sun porch. Afternoon light streams into the enclosed porch on the northwest corner, lakeside; the old ropes and pulleys are used to raise the windows.

Rustic Door

Love this for front door! Two inch thick oak barn threshing floor boards and custom hand forged hardware become stout front entrance door. Original red barn siding reused as interior wall treatment.

Love the wrap around porch

The Wraparound is ideal for those who want a little more than the standard camp.We build this model in one size only - X includes a full wraparound porch on two sides and a large loft.