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a man sitting in an electric vehicle on the street with buildings in the back ground
Fox News - Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos & News Video
GM, Segway Unveil the PUMA . I need one of these to go back and forth to work!
a woman standing on top of a machine with the words secretary in front of her
If You Were Expecting - Surprise
The Segway Turbo Vacuum. Spotted by my step-mother and noted as "hilarious" by my wife ~ so it must be worth sharing.
a young man riding a skateboard down a sidewalk in front of a large building
Self-Balancing Unicycle
a segway unicycle cross-breed? this has me excited in a big drippy way.
Tactical Segway Squad Mall Cop, Swat Team, Emergency Vehicles, Try Not To Laugh, Police Cars, Soldier, Documentaries, Humor, Funny
Tactical Segway Squad
a man standing next to a blue scooter with wheels on the front and side
The Electric Personal Transporter
ok i thought this was a lil weird..isnt it pretty much a segway with training wheels?
an old fashioned bicycle with luggage strapped to the back
German museum recreates 130-year-old EV, looks like a steampunk Segway
German museum recreates 130-year-old electric vehicle, looks like a steampunk Segway -- Engadget
four off - road vehicles are parked on the rocky terrain
Segways "durmiendo"
Segways "durmiendo"
an orange and black scooter is shown on a white background with the wheels facing forward
Segways Are For Sissies. Check Out The DTV Shredder.
If It's Hip, It's Here: Segways Are For Sissies. Check Out The DTV Shredder.
an astronaut is riding on a segway in the middle of the desert,
Astronaut on a segway
a black and yellow cart with wheels on the front, sitting upright against a white background
Segway - Google Search
an electric scooter with two wheels and a seat on the back, is shown
Segway PT x2 Golf
a woman standing next to a blue hand truck
Segway, the early days. #funny #Segway #lol
an electric scooter with four wheels on the front and rear wheel, is shown
Buy Segway Smart Scooters, Action Cameras, Extreme Sports Camera, Official Segway Merchandise
Segway x2