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a herd of cattle crossing a river in the woods
rat body language chart with different types of mice, including the names and their meanings
Happy #WorldRatDay 2024!
Happy World Rat Day! Rats make great pets! On World Rat Day we celebrate how pet rats intuitively know their humans, show empathy, love, care and are always there to uplift the mood. To remind us what amazing animals they are and how to better understand rats, a lovely little visual guide to […]
an animal chart showing different types of rodents
a poster with the words do not feed these foods to your pet rat
Rats 🐀
a cat laying on top of a brown couch
Walk Proudly 😺😺
an image of ducks and their babies in the water with caption that reads, thank you for not feeding us bread
an image of a cat swimming in water with caption that reads, because the language but man i need the laugh this morning
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