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Visit the flowers' auction in Naaldwijk

Monday - Visit the flowers' auction in Naaldwijk - had a personal guided tour with one of my cousins who works for Flora Holland

R2-d2 Ring

Compliment your geeky outfit with one of the finest pieces of jewelry in the galaxy with one of these Star Wars rings. Each ring is masterfully crafted in the likeness of our beloved intergalactic characters and makes an excellent Star Wars collectible.

Reddit, the popular online community, had a mascot before it was even conceived. While a student at UVA in 2005, the site's cofounder, Alexis Ohanian, doodled the little alien with orange-red eyes and named it Snoo.</p> <p>"I had no reason for choosing an alien. I just really wanted a mascot for our website" Ohanian wrote in a <a Reddit threadThe alien got its moniker because Ohanian<a originally planned on calling Reddit "Snew," a shortening of "What's New." The spelling deviated from…

You may not even know how much time you spend mindlessly surfing the web. Using RescueTime, a free application that tracks where you spend your time online, you can get a better sense of your internet habits.