King Michael of Romania

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Mircea the Elder, ruler of Wallachia (from 1386 until 31 January 1418) and grandfather of Vlad Ţepeş (Dracula, or the Impaler). The "bravest and ablest of the Christian princes", as he was described by German historian Leunclavius, ruled Wallachia for 32 years. Apart from his military success, Mircea was an art lover, leaving among other monuments, the beautiful Cozia Monastery.

Domnitori romani: Mircea cel Bătrân (n. 1355 - d.

Map of the Kingdom of Romania in 1916

A map of Romania in Transylvania and Bukovina were Austrian provinces with ethnic Romanians, making them targets for expansion. So was Bessarabia, the Russian province on the Dniester river. All are, or have been, part of modern Romania.

Constantin Brâncoveanu

Constantin Brâncoveanu

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