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Apotheosis: Kith and Kin

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Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green

Our Family//Character Group

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Artificer Combat Legion No.19//Character Group

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Artificer 52nd Generation//Character Group

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Artificery//World Building

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Chakras – Witches Of The Craft®

Culture/Spiritual Beliefs//World Building

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Dragons//World Building

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Humans//World Building

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Dwarf/Little People//World Building

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The Titans/Great Elements//World Building

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The Jinn/"The Star-Born"//World Building

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The Wily Will-o’-the-Wisp #folklore – Ronel the Mythmaker

The Fae/The Mist Born/Green Folk//World Building

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The Mouth of Paradise//Setting

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The City of Springs//Setting

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Card: Reach of the Archdemon

The Other Side//Setting

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The World That Was//Setting

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Gold Hill Nature Preserve//Setting

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Deadwood, SD  The Most Beautiful Small Towns in America, By State
Moorestown, NJ in New Jersey

Mallory's Hometown//Setting

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Hanif//Character Profile

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Abzu//Character Profile

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Good times become good memories, but bad times become good lessons.- Uncle Iroh Avatar Last Airbender inspirational quotes #quotes #inspirational #inspire #inspirationalquotes #motivation #uncleiroh

Jani//Character Profile

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Middle-earth Quotes (Posts tagged book I)
My favorite Gandalf quotes

Malak//Character Profile

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Khalida//Character Profile

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Fathi//Character Profile

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Salah//Character Profile

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