Maramures traditiOnal cOstume

Traditional romanian costume from Hunedoara

Queen Maria..of Romania

Queen Marie of Romania in traditional Romanian attire, c. photo postcard, x Museum purchase, Collection of Maryhill Museum of Art.

Not sure, but this image might be from the beginning of traditional Romanian Orthodox fast, 2 months before Xmas. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

Traditional lifestyle in last truly bucolic region in Europe, Maramures, Romania.

Marie came to Romania as a 17 year old royal bride and immediately adopted the dress of a peasant woman. The chin straps, head blankets and over-sized head gear came later.

Marie of Edinburgh (later Marie, Queen of Romania) acquiring the Romanian identity, in her peasant costume, given as wedding gift.

Romanians mostly live in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Serbia so their traditional costumes are having many varieties.

Traditional dress of Romania: So captivating and graceful

A pretty Romanian girl in traditional dress in a wedding ceremony - Photo by Basil & Tracy

Румыния. Из сокровищницы традиционного народного костюма

Румыния. Из сокровищницы традиционного народного костюма