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Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga

Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga Once went to 4 different Barns and Nobel's in my area none had the one I was looking for -.

Just edited my caption. I posted this 2 years ago saying something naive the me now is just laughing out loud about. I know it all! And some a bit too well!! Hahahahaha I've gotten in deep

Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga - I found out what Seme and Uke meant before I was a diehard yaoi was a bit awkward. XD -----I knew what Seme and Uke were.

This whole week the opening to Red Data Girl has been stuck in my head after a while it'll switch to the Black Butler opening sonetimes they'll mash together too XD

"I close my eye the touch of you fingers through monochrome the memory lingers" Monochrome no kiss SID bb opening

#31. So annoying

A guy in my class yesterday asked me "So since you watch anime, you speak Asian?" I have never faceplamed harder in my entire life.<< HAHAHHAHAHA that guy is retarted


mostly though, what really pisses me off is how my family calls anime cartoons. "Do you still watch those japanese cartoons?

Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga

Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga<- not a otaku but pretty sure many have had to do this once