Daddy, Mommy, and Baby. This is pretty cute.

daddy, mommy, and baby handprints I'd also have to add big sisters hand print

Pretty Boy Names with Awesome Name Meanings

cutest little boy fashioN OMG Pretty Boy Names - middle one will be my first. He looks like he's an architect.

What do you do with your child's ultrasound photo? I love this idea of turning it into a canvas.

Turn your ultrasound into art work for your baby room. Clinton We should get a copy of Emily's high five ultrasound picture and make this for her baby shower!

EVERY pregnant mom should save this! Timeline of a breastfed baby. Wish I had this my first time around

Timeline of a Breastfed Baby- super awesome info about breast feeding. Even if you've had a child and know about bf-ing read this! Tons of info. I wish I'd have read this when I was pregnant

Baby Duck Homemade Costume. How cute is this baby?!?

Baby Duck - Halloween Costume Contest at

Just want to hug/squish this little cutie. So cute in the little Baby Duck Costume

nursery art button craft

How to make a little somethin’ somethin’ with buttons…

Cute idea to make as a gift for baby/girl& room. Could use blue/green/wooden buttons for a boy& room. Could use black or brown or silver or gold buttons to give as a gift for a friend.

Hipster Baby Names for Boys #kids #fashion

Hipster Baby Names for Boys

Hipster Baby Names for Boys. Ok although I'm not a hipster there are a few names I do like in here. For the future lol.

What Babies Can Eat

What Babies Can Eat: Ages Newborn to 3 Years

One of the biggest moments in the life of parents is the moment when baby starts eating solid food. Most doctors say that a baby must not start eating solid food until he/she turns about 6 months

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