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Inner Thighs Workout
Just 15 minutes a day and you'll achieve astounding results!
Black Draped Blouse + White Jeans
Minimal + Classic: Summer classics / white jeans, espadrilles, chambray will take you into Fall #minimal
The messy bun for the new mum
Do you exercise everyday and you're almost on a diet all the time but still can't lose weight? Well! don't feel bad about yourself that's the daily battle of most of us, and there must be something wrong of what we are doing. Is it the workout? or the diet? To help you figure it out we gathered 10 charts and infographics about burning fat and losing weight.
3 Super Simple Moves to Sculpt your Inner Thighs on
This is actually really cute!
Alice's Easter Cup Tea Party
Le carré bouclé et tressé