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Inspiration for application dashboards.
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the dashboard screen is open and shows graphs, data, and other things to see
Dashboard - data charts
Dashboard - data charts by Anghel Gabriel …
three screens showing different types of webpages on one screen and the other side
app_all_screens.jpg by Martin Ehrlich
Need to start thinking of eLearning as more WEB than POWERPOINT. Love the use of grid layout here and the side nav - something to consider.
an image of some red and white webpages on the same page, each with different
Getaco CRM - Digital solution
Getaco CRM - Digital solution on Behance
an image of the layout for a website with different colors and font options on it
CRM - Onboarding
an image of some type of webpage with many different types of content on it
Productivity Platform
Productivity Platform by Stanislav Kirilov, via Behance
two screens showing different types of web pages
design_patterns.png by Brad Soroka
an image of a computer screen with the wordpress dashboard on it and icons displayed
UBS Bank Product Design
UBS Bank Concept / Gleb Kuznetsov
the dashboard screen shows messages and files for each individual user, including data from their phone or tablet
stats_page_full.png by Valeria Rimkevich
Stats page full More
an image of a calendar on a computer screen
Administrator | Dashboard design starter pack by Yuri Yasyuk #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots
an image of a website page with different items on it
checkout-preview_2x.png by Mathieu Mayer-Mazzoli
checkout | mathieu mayer-mazzoli
an image of a computer screen with various sound waves
Race Strategy Editor Updated
Another unused concept from this project, but I wanted to show some of the progression that was made from real-time learnings on this project. As we designed, the Hyperdrive team was testing the de...
two screens showing different messages on the same screen, one being an email and the other is
Chat module — UI Challenge
Chat module — UI Challenge
a large poster with many different images on it's back side, and the words col
coloristic_presentation.jpg by Sergey Azovskiy
two screens showing the different dashboards in one screen, and an image on the other
Dashboard Admin Panel - UI Kits
PSD Template for dashboard