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a drawing of a tall structure with a skylight above it
Modern Cob House Building – Mother Earth News
A profile of a typical cob and thatch building, illustrating wall details.
a small cave in the side of a grassy hill
Grandmas Dreams
My husband and I always talked about a house built into the side of a cliff! This is close!
the inside of a wooden box with instructions on how to install it and where to put them
straw bale | Straw bale house, Straw bales, Home construction
straw bale house designs | straw or hay bale gardens? - Garden ...
a man is working on some bricks in the house
October 2012 – earthen acres
Use brick under earthen floor for thermal mass... clever. There are lots of discarded bricks at the tip.
two men are working on an unfinished room
Adobe floor!?!
the diagram shows how to build a concrete wall
Why We Build with Earthbags
Earthbag Building: Why We Build with Earthbags
an old brick building in the woods
arquitetura guarani : : paraty-mirim : : fernando stankuns : : fernando@fernando.arq.br : : fotografias de arquitetura tradicional e vernacular
casa tradicional guarani com fechamento de pau-a-pique e taipa e cobertura de telhas de madeira tekoa paraty-mirim
a set of stairs made out of logs
Cob home staircase under construction in Northern California. Note the round wood poles and beams will support a second story.