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several plates and bowls are hanging on a rack with wooden handles, which is decorated with multicolored designs
Where to Eat in Cluj, Romania - Europe Up Close
cluj casa ardeleana 2
an old black and white photo of some baseball players
U Cluj
the city is lit up at night with its lights on and buildings in the foreground
De pe Cetățuie
a woman is walking down the street in front of some cars and water spouting from her head
Cluj-Napoca / Romania
Cluj-Napoca / Romania
a wooden bridge over a dirt road next to trees
@central park Cluj-Napoca, Romania #travel #beautifuldestinations #vacation #city #Romania
a flock of birds flying over a sandy beach next to tall buildings on a sunny day
the sun is setting over a city with tall buildings
fireworks in the night sky over a city with buildings and spires, all lit up
the city is lit up at night with lights in the trees and snow on the ground
an old black and white photo of a town square
Clujul de altădată
the city lights shine brightly in the night sky