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a board game with lots of different colored blocks and circles on it's sides
Look at the line of symmetry on this Numicon.
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a child's hand is playing with legos on the floor, which are made out of white and blue plastic
Anna Laura juega (y aprende matemáticas) con...Numicon
Apego, Literatura y Materiales respetuosos: Anna Laura juega (y aprende matemáticas) con...Numicon
there are many pillows on the floor with polka dot designs in different colors and sizes
Numicon cushions!
four different colored lego blocks with the word imppar written on them
Numicon, números con todos los sentidos. - Tocamates - matemáticas y creatividad
Numicon, números con todos los sentidos.
four squares with different numbers on them in the same pattern, each one has an equal number
Download your printable Numicon colour spinner overlay. Find out more about Numicon at:
four different colored dominos are shown in the same square, with numbers on each side
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the instructions for how to make mirrors and numerals for double - sided cards
Numicon and mirrors to solve doubling questions. (Missamyp)
three cards with numbers on them sitting on top of a blue table next to each other
Numicon bingo
Share: Numicon bingo is a super reinforcement for numicon recognition and counting. This is a 6 player game that my… more →
a number match game on the floor with clothes pins stuck to it's sides
Numicon number match. Idea taken from Pinterest
a clock made out of legos on top of a table with words written on it
Number bonds to 10 challenge. My children love numicon!
several pieces of colored paper with clothes pins stuck to them on a wooden table top
Printing with numicon then laminating. I then used it for calculations on pegs!
an image of a bulletin board with numbers and letters on it, as well as the words
Ready Made I Can Count To 10 Display Pack
I can count to ten classroom display ideas #twinkl