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the letters are made up of small squares and have been drawn in red, white and blue
Imprimibles – Creciendo Con Montessori
a child is playing with numbers and blocks on the table
Matemáticas archivos - Página 2 de 18 - Montessori Mar del Sur
two rows of numbers that have different colors and shapes on them, each with the same number
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three different shapes with the same number in each one, which is equal to two smaller squares
Identifying numbers
the numbers are arranged on top of each other in order to make them more difficult
the instructions for how to make a number rods game with colored sticks and glues
The Montessori Number Rods
an info sheet showing the number and type of numbers in each column, with different colors
Montessori Mathematics for Preschool
two rows of numbers that have different colors
four rows of numbers that are red, white and blue with the same number in each row
Dénombrer une collection - L ecole de crevette
an image of the back side of a cell phone with text on it that reads, 3 von 4
the words progression vie pra tique apres format on
several cards with drawings on them sitting on a table
Le système digestif - Inspiration Montessori
three cards in a box with drawings of human body and bones on them, sitting on a wooden table
a white board with numbers and squares on it
Le boulier Montessori et l'addition en colonne avec retenue. - Autisme-Dyspraxie Apprentissages et vie quotidienne