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three ballerinas in tutu and leotards
Ballerina [Explored #265]
Cornelli2010 Ballerina [Explored #265] at Gewandhaus / Leipzig, Germany - multi exposure
a man playing drums in front of a black and white photo with lines on it
It's About Time: Mili's Marvelous Photos
Anton Bragaglia Drums
black and white photograph of people standing on steps in front of a group of men
Eliot Elisofon/Marcel Duchamp descending a staircase/New York, LIFE Magazine, 1952
Marcel Duchamp descending a staircase, New York, 1952 for LIFE Magazine by Eliot Elisofon
an artistic black and white photo of dancers
Flash forward: Gjon Mili's amazing stroboscopic photographs – in pictures
multiple exposure More
two acrobatic dancers performing in the air with their hands on each other
"..either land safely or God will give U wings to fly..."(Hilary R. Clinton)
a painting of a man riding a bike in front of a large cityscape
light my life
Fortunato Depero, Il Ciclista Attraversa la Citta, 1945
a drawing of two people with paddles in their hands, one holding the other
Artists create movement of stale works of art arranging the elements properly. Description from I searched for this on
an abstract painting with blue and white colors
Tullio Crali (Italian, 1910–2000), Volo condiviso, 1933. Oil on panel, 60 x 46.5 cm.